Pearl Care

Let's be considerate for the pearl which we want to use habitually throughout the life a little

Acid is an enemy to pearl products!

Pearls are vulnerable to acid. It is highly recommended that pearl products are removed when bathing. It is also recommended to remove the pearl products in hot springs and in sulfur bath if you would like to maintain the beautiful luster of the pearl products.
It is also advisable to take off pearl rings in daily activities such as cooking (especially when using vinegar) or cleaning bath tubs using bath cleaners.

Wipe the products with soft cloth.

After wearing pearl products, always wipe them gently with dry soft cloth. It will not only prevent any possible damages caused by perspiration, make-up and/or residues, but will help to maintain the beautiful luster distinctive to pearl products for ever.

Store the pearls in jewelry case dedicated for the product.

It is highly recommended to store pearl products separately from other jewelry. Pearls are soft compared to other jewelry and thus, in order to prevent them from being damaged by other gems such as diamonds, it is necessary to store them in jewelry cases dedicated for the pearl products.
In addition, keep the pearl products away from naphthalene to keep the luster.
Pearl products can become dehydrated, and thus, it is recommended to handle and wear them frequently.

Anniversary is the day to change the strings.

Remember your anniversary day (such as your birthday or your wedding day) as the day to change the strings of your pearl necklace. Wearing pearl necklaces for a long time may harm your pearls and strings because they absorb the residues. Changing the strings will be the best way to clean your pearls.

Check the products every now and then.

Products such as earrings, rings and pierces are mostly finished by adherence. Therefore, there may be a cases when the pearls become loose by perspiration or humidity. It is recommended to check the products from time to time to prevent losing the precious jewels.