It was in 2007 that we first encountered tahizera products in an Exhibition Show in Paris. They had enriched the expensive and formal image of Pinctada Margaritiferia black pearls into a world-class jewelry by combining fashion and Tahitian culture. Since then, we, Paluna, have been acting as their distributor and a close partner in Japan in a family like environment. <MEANING OF THE LOGO MARK> Surrounding square-shaped line with rounded angles used in our LOGO represents sanctity and the surrounding tribes. Half opened ellipse represents coral reefs and islands. And the mystical Tahitian Pearl is located in the center. Tane (Tahitian men) and Bapine (Tahitian women) are also located and expressed as the opposites. Round and elegant shape at the upper portion stands for women and the shape at the lower portion stands for fatherliness, Poseidon and men.